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Unity Asset Store #5


Once again I find myself writing – to myself – about something ive been doing or am interested. As of writing this I am sitting in my dorm drinking a starbucks, having a break from week two of my third year computer science degree revision. Isnt that grand? A slight break in the form of writing more? Anyway Unity!

Last year I released a group of assets on the store for $5 and they sold quite well, some people have used the assets in their games which is really cool and I look forward to seeing what they do with them. Last month I again made some assets with the same style, in the hope that the people who bought the first pack might want to keep to the low poly consistency. I suck as submitting packages though. I failed the first submission as  one of the prefabs was actually an older prefab and not the one in the scene I was currently working on. I digress. I fixed the small texture issue and uploaded again, last night it was accepted. If you want to check out the assets then links will be below with some images. If you do happen to read this. Tweet me “@corriejgreen Unity Low Poly 123” Ill hook you up with a code to redeem the packages for FREE. Which equates to $10 worth of assets.

Low Poly Terrain Assets 1

Low Poly Terrain Assets 2

terrain assets v2 ambient occlusion occlusion

terrain assets v2 post processed

terrain assets v2 close

Have a good one.

Corrie Green