The Edge: Isometric Survival – #8

The Edge brings simplistic controls and unanticipated enemy movement to the action arcade genre. This infinite survival based game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end with unlimited re-playability! Inspired by the best survival based games, The Edge takes this to a minimal level with simplistic controls and easy but effective game mechanics that is sure to entertain for hours.
With fresh game play elements and unlimited possibilities, zapping and jumping over your foes never been so fun! Collect ammunition as you destroy the enemy boids, and work your way through the killstreaks. There are hundreds of strategies, will you find the most effective one and rule over your friends?

Don’t waste any more time! You’re being called to the Isometric battlefield!

The Edge: Isometric Survival supports high resolution devices for an optimal landscape gaming experience on both mobiles and tablets.

There are hidden features and plan to release many more as development continues.

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