Pixel Arcade Release Information – #14

Pixel Arcade is a virtual reality platformer set in neon cyber space. It will boast over 25 levels on initial release, with more added monthly.. and potentially weekly due to its early access ability.

The game is still under development, and have to implement force to next level, set the slider onto the players maxed unlock level and to implement the remaining levels before early access release at the end of July! I have no expectiations for this game as it is the first game i have developed going to steam. With the ability to by pass all fees and get the game out due to it being VR it means im going to learn the valve submission ropes. Below are some finalised gameplay screenshots that will likely not change before release so you can gain an understanding on the games apperance.

I cant wait for it to be titled the hardest VR platformer on the market, because it gets very hard as levels progress if you want a decent time. Steam leaderboards, workshop level capability are in the works post release.

Im also available for work, so visit my contact section on my website to find out more and get in touch.

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