Apperances and Interviews – #7

Getting an internship when I was 16 was just the begining for my career in development. It made me realise that I can actually make good content, and stand a chance in this competitive creative industry, so at every opportunity I say yes to it!

Below I have linked to various articles where my work is displayed. This will be updated, but I feel its important to keep tabs on these so in the future I can look back on them and see how I did in the early days 🙂  I have recently been interviewed twice for magazines and online articles that are not yet published. Note that these are just a few of many events I have been to in the UK.

Press and Journal & Xpo North & Local Website – Winning the 2015 Moray Game Jam

Lochaber High – Showing projects to High Schoolers and encouraging them to try programming etc

Undergraduate of the Year Finals – The university website, I believe this was one of them

Won the event mentioned above – Uni website

“Black horse of game design” – The Skinny Magazine



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