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Web Articles About me and my work – #13

I thought it was about time I had a blog post dedicated to all the accolades and articles that have been written about me in regards to my various web development and game design accolades. Will format and continue to update this post.

Apperances and Interviews – #7

Getting an internship when I was 16 was just the begining for my career in development. It made me realise that I can actually make good content, and stand a chance in this competitive creative industry, so at every opportunity I say yes to it!

Below I have linked to various articles where my work is displayed. This will be updated, but I feel its important to keep tabs on these so in the future I can look back on them and see how I did in the early days 🙂  I have recently been interviewed twice for magazines and online articles that are not yet published. Note that these are just a few of many events I have been to in the UK.

Press and Journal & Xpo North & Local Website – Winning the 2015 Moray Game Jam

Lochaber High – Showing projects to High Schoolers and encouraging them to try programming etc

Undergraduate of the Year Finals – The university website, I believe this was one of them

Won the event mentioned above – Uni website

“Black horse of game design” – The Skinny Magazine



Just Podcast Stuff – #2

Sadly i am not going to write a wall of text for this as i have just written about 2,000 words on Website security. So instead im going to share my favourite podcasts. They are really Science, Technology and gaming related. I will add more to this in the future, i’ll try and put a one word description about the podcast so you can check them out for yourself and see if it tickles your fancies.


The Patch(gaming)-


Tech Stuff(science/tech)-

The Wired(tech)-

Ear Biscuits(talk)-

Have a good one

– Corrie Green

Hello World – #1

As you can imagine, blender is far from a simple -walk into mordor- user interface. In Fact, to this day i still don’t know what half the buttons do but that is primarily because i now use Autodesk Maya 2015 – legitimate student version, no commercialisation i’m afraid. I rattled through the youtube tutorials and online articles- though never actually successfully finishing a model for sometime – i learnt a lot, so when i was ready, i could actually create a decent looking product and have a good starting point for this little ‘brand’ and build it up from there. Believe me, when i say brand, i don’t mean like ‘Tesco’ or ‘T-Mobile’ i’m talking my little name for content i want to share.

I then moved onto photoshop, playing around in it until early hours of the morning was nothing short of a perfect Saturday night. I often wanted to be sitting in, working on a project for hours, as putting the thoughts of designs in my head into a physical medium on photoshop was a really cool process, just by a series of clicks and shortcuts i would have a product. 9/10 times it would look like the image in my head, which is a great feeling looking back – release the endorphins! However it wasn’t always like the image in my head. I dont know if this is a thing, but designersblock would inevitably kick in after working on something for a few hours and  would scrap the project. Writing that sentence actually makes me think, am i in anyway a designer? I mean, i just created this site in a few days and worked on other stuff.. does that make me a designer at all? Regardless of the title, i enjoy creating content for people to look at. As i was progressing my skills in photoshop at the same time i would be using my designs in Sony Vegas. This glorious piece of software split me from others using Windows Video editor, which at the time i was using for various projects. That black border on video content no longer existed on anything i created, which at the time was probably some stupid t-bag skyrim remix. Learning to use chroma key, i could combine all three pieces of software and create something half decent. I think the first thing i created was a rotating logo, with a green environment. I would the use chroma key and remove the green, so the result is a small rotating logo on my videos. That in itself i thought was pretty unique, it also stops anyone trying to copy my videos and put a voice over it from actually getting away scot free. If the logo was still there, then it was clearly my content. I dont really have an audience on youtube, i pretty much do it just to play with the software i’ve mentioned and include gaming clips  – and occasionally make a tutorial. From gaming from the potty to now a fairly decent setup its fair to say im kinda big on the ol’ gaming side of life. I play most days, often a moba or a new game. With a steam library just growing – those steam sales are tasty – i want to play them all. I think out of 80 games (ten i just bought from the infamous humble bundle) ive played about 60 for over an hour, borderlands 2 being at 300+ hours. Sigh.

Seeming i enjoy my video games, and i kinda have a passion for tinkering with 3D modeling software, photoshop and anything like that, i figured it was about time i created video games. So i did. Here is an extract from the game page ‘POB’ on the google play store.

 POB brings simplistic controls and unanticipated obstacles to the action arcade genre. This colour dodging, reflex game is sure to keep you entertained for hours with infinite replay ability! Its the same reflex based phenomenon that has entertained millions of players around the world, with games such as Super hexagon and Flappy Bird taking it to the top. If you like testing your reflexes and beating your best time for hours on end, you’ll love POB!

If you check out my site, you can see some more information about my game projects. I even made a short 15 minute video explaining how i made it and the processes that i undertook to create certain features.

Anyway this was blog one of many i hope. Not all blogs will be about development and computing, this was more a intro and i thought of the smart title so i just went with the topic about development.. Mountain biking, snowboarding, running are a few of the sports i do everyday. I’m actually really active for a computer nerd. More to come!


Have a good one.

– Corrie Green