Rendering – #3

So i’m currently in the process of making some game assets for a small small game i’m making over the winter. Not entirely sure on it yet, for fun i was thinking of a snowman simulator. The gameplay isn’t something im that interested in right now, its more of the environment and models i’m working towards. The images below is a progress of some renders i’m working on. Lighting is annoying me as of this time so ive decided to make a blog post now, and post render when i’m happy i can make another post on what i did to solve it. The one i am talking about is the sphere with the river and trees, the others are just simple assets renders i like to make after a model. I love, and i do mean love, low poly models and winter! So you can see the warm, cool, fresh design im going for in the images. I was considering adding more models such as the deer I’ve been working on to the sphere render – i will also post an image of that – and the snowman I’ve recently made. Alas i don’t think they are low poly enough, maybe ill make another low poly variant. I need something else in the scene though, as I’m not happy with it as is. The camp could have a tent possibly??

Snow, snow materials… damn. Disney’s frozen made a fantastic job. They actually created particles mind you, i’m just wanting a similar material. For my low poly renders, white with some light blue specular looks nice enough, however i’ve found some resources – thanks to the kind people of reddit – that i will work with and “hopefully” get a nicer looking snow material soon. A paper about the snow can be found HERE which is worth a read if you are interested. There are sections with calculations i’m not to familiar with but just read ahead! Anyway, once i have a few nice renders in maya, i will then export to unity and make a game out of it. Thats the plan anyway.

Deer_2 Deer_3 Winter Sphere WIP_3Snowman Render

Have a good one,

Corrie Green